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A four-axle container semitrailer with an extended axle

The global container shipping industry is entering a phase of recovery growth. While maintaining enhanced port control, shipping schedules are disrupted. The road transport sector is less affected by restrictions and has resumed operations quickly. New multi-modal routes are emerging and the need for container road trains is increasing.
In order for carriers to make better use of the potential of the transport fleet, Grunwald engineers select the most optimal versions and constantly expand the range of models of container semitrailers. The new Grunwald model is made according to the layout scheme popular on the market with a high indicator of legal load capacity.

The semitrailer frame is made entirely of high-strength S700 MC steel. The smaller frame weight, without compromising strength and reliability, increases the useful load capacity. The arrangement of the semitrailer axles in a combination of 1+3, with the first center distance equal to 2510 mm, allows the best use of the permissible pressure parameters on the roadbed.

By comparing a wide range of parameters, we have identified areas where it is possible to further improve the quality and efficiency of the vehicle. The goose part of the frame has been modified, using analysis of the experience of many carriers. It uses a removable spare wheel basket on a bolted mount, entirely made of galvanized steel. The model is equipped with an advanced intelligent system Wabco Premium for monitoring the working parameters of the semitrailer, without leaving the cab of the truck. A set of 6 pairs of fittings makes it possible to operate with standard containers of almost any configuration. Two automatic lifting axles, the first and second in the course of movement, provide ease of movement of the road train in an unloaded state. The reinforced version of the SAF Custom Design axial unit is the best solution on the market for Russian roads and long distances..
The reinforced version of the SAF Custom Design axial unit is the best solution on the market for Russian roads and long distances.
The new Grunwald model received a series of pre-orders with the geography of deliveries to various regions of Russia - from Saint Petersburg to Krasnodar. Due to the attention to the needs of carriers, Grunwald customers receive significant advantages in the efficiency of using rolling stock.