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All-Russian Field Day 2022 Impressions

Three days and three nights, an event thoughtfully organized, the incredible scale of the area involved. Join us as we reflect on the exciting experience of participating in the All-Russian Field Day 2022.

Thousands of visitors got to learn more about the world of agricultural work, and dozens of companies showcased their technological and engineering prowess. This year, for the first time ever, Grunwald brand was presented at the event in its newly acquired status – agricultural machinery manufacturer.

The visitors of the Grunwald stand got a chance to get acquainted with a brand new Grunwald AgroTech versatile seeding machine. The big and bright pavilion at the stand provided the attendees with the comfortable environment for communicating with the brand team, and the product presented enjoyed great interest from the visitors. Few people could deny themselves the pleasure of having their picture taken in front of technically sophisticated and incredibly attractive agricultural equipment. It is truly emblematic that the presentation of the new product took place on the fields of the Kaliningrad region, as it is the native-soil of the Grunwald brand.

Watch the new video on the Grunwald channel and enjoy the atmosphere of the All-Russian Field Day 2022.