Grunwald Brand Mission & Values
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Философия бренда

Brand philosophy

Our mission

To change the world for the better by means of spreading advanced transport solutions. To make countries and societies closer to each other, to make goods and services more affordable, to connect people and communities.

Our vision

To be a world-class leader in commercial delivery without betraying the dream about flawless transportation.

To be an advocate of new and progressive ideas which can provide better life quality for everybody.

Our team

Grunwald universe is a world of skilled specialists having common attitudes, vision and values.

The foundation for team’s success is talented people having capabilities extending far beyond their professional activity. We believe that all opportunities are hidden only inside us.

By performing our tasks on a professional level, we will achieve truly ambitious goals.
We care about health of our employees and maintain safe working conditions.
We consume power and natural resources in economic and reasonable manner.

Our values

Company culture lies in the foundation of all the processes within, cooperation with each other, with customers and society out there. It includes the Company history, development stages, characteristics on the brand origin location.