History of Grunwald Plant: Production of Semi-Trailers and Superstructures
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  • 2022
    Development prospects for the coming years
    In 2022, Grunwald had supplied a total of 2200 various commercial vehicles to its customers. The Grunwald brand has managed to secure its position as one of the leaders in the market for new semi-trailers.
    The goal for the 2023 season is to set the direction in which the Grunwald brand will evolve over the coming years. 2023 will see the debut of the new products with strong potential, as well as increased production output and work on deeper localization of parts and components.
  • 2021
    In spite of external challenges
    The company improves performance
    In spite of external challenges
    The company has strengthened its market position and became the second largest semi-trailer manufacturer on the Russian market. The model lineup saw the addition of new tipper semi trailer models with large-volume aluminum bodies, which enabled the company to enter the agro-industrial transportation segment.
    Grunwald semi-trailers took part in 140-day MAN “Road Trip” Promo-tour with stops in 11 Russian cities. The company keeps expanding its presence on the global market:  2021 saw the opening of new representative offices of the brand in Bulgaria and Finland, as well as continued dynamic growth of exports to African countries.
  • 2020
    Across land and sea borders
    Tight integration into foreign markets
    Across land and sea borders
    In 2020, Grunwald products crossed not only land, but also sea borders on the way to customers.
    The company supplied products to a variety of export markets - the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Baltic region and the countries of the African continent - the Republic of Ghana, West African Benin and Senegal, the Togolese Republic and the Republic of Cape Verde, located on the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 2019
    Reliable supply and strong position
    New chassis are being mastered and the volume of deliveries is increasing
    New model released
    A new model has been released - a lightweight tipper semi-trailer with a body made of high-strength Hardox 450 steel. The body superstructure business is steadily developing - new chassis are being mastered every quarter and the volume of deliveries is increasing. The first Grünwald tipper bodies on the Volvo FMX 8x4 chassis were manufactured at Volvo Trucks in Kaluga. A new project has been launched - serial production of Ford Trucks with the Grünwald Half-Pipe dump body.
    At the COMTRANS exhibition, a joint project with MAN Truck & Bus Russia was presented - a MAN TGS 41.440 8x4 truck with a Grünwald "Box-Type" tipper superstructure with a volume of 20 m3. We have expanded our presence in the European markets by striking partnership deals with transport companies from Lithuania and Latvia. Grünwald presents its products for the first time at the European industry event - the AUTO'19 exhibition in Riga.
  • 2018
    The era of tipper bodies and new markets
    Since 2007, more than 5,000 semi-trailers have been sold
    5000 semi-trailers produced
    Since 2007, more than 5,000 semi-trailers in thirty different models have been sold under the Grünwald brand. We have broadened our cargo transport range by presenting the first Grünwald tipper semi-trailer with an aluminum box-type body.
    High performance vehicles for the construction industry are being developed. Cross-projects are being carried out with key producers of the “G-7”. Received the European CE certificate of conformity. The deal for the acquisition of the Swedish company Balticum Frinab A, located in the town of Neman, Kaliningrad Region, has been closed. Received the "Hardox In My Body ™" certificate of the Swedish concern SSAB.
  • 2017
    New home for the brand
    A new industrial complex has been commissioned
    New complex
    The new industrial complex Grünwald was commissioned. The total production area is about 10,000 m2. To meet the growing demand for fundamentally new equipment, the following have been developed and put into production: a four-axle universal container chassis, a tank-container chassis for tank-containers 20 and 30 Ft, and a four-axle tank container chassis.
    The construction of a new service center and a central representative office of the Grünwald brand has begun in the Moscow Sheremetyevo industrial park.
    As part of a large-scale cooperation with leading European truck manufacturers, Grünwald has begun the serial installation of tipper bodies on European-made chassis.
  • 2016
    The 4000th semi-trailer released
    Investment in modernization - one of the largest in the industry
    Modernization investment program
    The 4000th Grunwald semi trailer unit was manufactured.The accounting system has been remodeled in accordance with European standards. An investment program was adopted for the modernization of welding production, which has become one of the largest in the industry.
    The share of export projects is constantly growing. The main export destinations are Scandinavian countries, Germany and the CIS countries - Kazakhstan and Belarus. The models demanded in the European market have been launched into production: a two-axle dump semitrailer, a 44-ton flatbed semitrailer and a container tank for transporting 40-Ft containers.
  • 2015
    First European contract
    A batch of container semitrailers sent to Denmark
    First European contract
    The first European contract was signed - a batch of container semitrailers with a telematics system was shipped to Denmark. Grunwald made it to the list of strategic enterprises of the Kaliningrad region. A direct spare part order system was launched to help obtaining complete information upon request and searching for a specific part in catalogue.
    A whole series of new models has been launched in production, including a new generation curtainsider semi-trailer, a flatbed semi-trailer for the conditions of the Far North, a four-axle container carrier with a hydraulic lift. A junior brand in a lower price segment - the Neman project - has appeared in the Grünwald product matrix.
  • 2014
    Entering a new segment
    Solution for the safe transport of tank containers
    Entering a new segment
    Grunwald enters a new segment – we started the production of specialized vehicles for hauling tank containers. The first model developed is a tank container chassis, designed for transporting of 20ft tank containers. For the first time, a telematics system with a GPS tracker has been installed on Grünwald semi-trailers. Grünwald becomes a full member of the SRO NP SPETSAVTOPROM - a non-profit partnership of manufacturers of wheeled vehicles, self-propelled vehicles and road construction equipment.
    Grünwald semi-trailers are participating in the Daf Caravan 2014 rally organized by DAF, one of the largest truck manufacturers in Europe. Production of 4-axle semi-trailers started. The first Tata-Daewoo dump trucks equipped with Grünwald tipper superstructures were produced.
  • 2013
    The first tipper superstructures
    Construction of a new production complex has begun
    Laying the first stone in a new foundation
    The first Grünwald tipper superstructures - Half-Pipe superstructures for MAN truck chassis - were installed. A new model in our range – a tipper semitrailer with a body of working capacity of 38 cubic metres, made of steel and designed for coal transportation.
    A cooperation agreement was signed between Grunwald LLC and Mercedes-Benz RUS CJSC. Construction of a new 8,500 m2 production facility has begun - the future main production site for Grünwald.
  • 2012
    1000th semi-trailer
    The Kaizen control system has been introduced. The 1000th semi-trailer released
    1000th semi-trailer
    The 1000th Grünwald semi-trailer launched. The company becomes a full member of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The first order was completed for the installation of two curtain-sided superstructures at the Grünwald production and technical base in Khimki.
    The range of tipper semitrailers has been expanded – a new vehicle with a working capacity of 50 cubic metres on a three-axle chassis was designed for coal transportation. We have adopted the “Kaizen” management system to ensure continuous improvement of production processes and provide for the best quality of our products.
  • 2011
    Great engineering achievements
    Complex technical projects with European designers
    Great engineering achievements
    Together with European designers, the company implements complex technical projects, the first of which is a 40 Ft dump container chassis with a hydraulic lift. For customers with specific requirements, the Grunwald Individual program has been launched, which enables our customers to order vehicles with non-conventional components, additional functionality and special design features.
    The official representative office of Grünwald was opened in St. Petersburg. The certification of the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 has been passed. The new model in our range were shown at the exhibition "Construction Equipment and Technologies" and COMTRANS, at the events of ASMAP-PROFI.
  • 2010
    New direction of production
    The best conditions for the purchase and maintenance of transport
    New direction of production
    A new production line was launched - cargo superstructures for installation on 3-5-axle chassis of European manufacturers. Pilot samples are presented at major exhibitions. An official service center and a production line for the installation of superstructures on cargo chassis have been opened in Khimki near Moscow.
    For the first time, the company gains the status of an official supplier of Volvo Trucks, the largest manufacturer of trucks in Europe. Grünwald product information is entered into Volvo's internal configurator. International deliveries have begun - a batch of dump semi-trailers has been sent to Kazakhstan. A network of official dealers has been created, thanks to which Grunwald customers receive the best conditions for the purchase and maintenance of vehicles throughout Russia.
  • 2009
    Advanced manufacturing technologies and strengthening engineering capabilities
    Close cooperation with European colleagues allows Grünwald to adopt advanced production technologies and strengthen engineering capabilities. The company takes part in the largest industry events - reporting events of ASMAP, the Baltic Transport Forum, the Construction Equipment and Technologies exhibition.
    Grunwald was the first Russian company that mastered the production of a sliding container chassis in several configurations, and the production of the tipper semi-trailers reaches a new stage.
  • 2008
    Production begins
    New models - tilt and tipper semitrailers
    Production begins
    New models appear - tilt and tipper semitrailers. Grunwald products are presented at the largest industry exhibitions - "MOBI-2008", "Construction equipment and technologies", "Commercial transport".
    Under the new joint Russian-German trademark Grünwald System Langendorf, three-axle tipper semi-trailers with a semicircular steel body "Half-Pipe" and rear unloading have been produced.
  • 2007
    The birth of the company
    Company established and commercial vehicle brand Grünwald established
    The birth of the company
    The company was established and the commercial vehicle brand Grünwald was established.
    The first production site starts operating in Kaliningrad. The first model was launched - a low-loader semitrailer-container chassis.