Vacancies at the Grunwald Semi-Trailer Plant
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Career in Grünwald

Join us to create the future of the Russian transportation industry.

Maybe, it's you we need!

People are placed in the center of our activity. Each specialist introduces their ideas and eagerness thus helping to shape Grunwald. This is exactly why we are constantly strengthening our team and becoming more flexible.

It is possible that it is your knowledge and skills we need right now.

Three reasons to join Grünwald
We run a successful business       and set high goals
We run a successful business       and set high goals

The automotive industry is undergoing radical changes following the development of new technologies. Grunwald plans to continue to bring to the market the most advanced and technically advanced models.

Therefore, we are looking for graduates and specialists interested in working for a company with a strong purpose.

We are unique, each one;s own way and sphere of activity
We are unique, each one;s own way and sphere of activity

Our position is simple – good skills are always of high demand. At all times, specialists of the key machinery construction professions – electric and gas welders, electromechanicians, metal grinders, bead-blasting unit operators, car painters, technical inspection specialists – are sought-after.

We support constant   improvement
We support constant   improvement

We create a powerful environment for constant learning and development of our workers. As a member of Grunwald team, you will receive our full support if you decide to continue your personal development. We know how important it is to receive up-to-date knowledge in throughout one’s life and we provide support for anything the stimulates personal interest in learning

Jobs at a service convenient for you

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