Daewoo Novus tipper with Grunwald superstructure
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Daewoo Novus tipper with Grunwald superstructure

Grunwald introduces the star of the Daewoo Trucks presentation – Daewoo Novus tipper truck with Grunwald tipper superstructure. The vehicle is capable to tackle any challenges in construction and redevelopment work with confidence. This Korean “dragon” is a genuine trusty worker!

Daewoo Novus CR8M7 8x4 chassis is well known among Russian carriers and is valued for its great reliability, advanced tech and relatively low ownership costs. In 2022, the vehicles got upgraded with DOOSAN DX12 11 liter in-line diesel engines with 440 hp capacity, paired with 16-speed manual gearbox ZF16S2230TO made by Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen.

For the first time ever, Daewoo Novus chassis feature Grunwald tipper superstructure with 22 cubic meters working capacity, Half-Pipe body and driver-controlled body heating system. The components of the heating system are made of stainless steel. All elements of the superstructure are painted with premium paints and varnishes and are fitted with highly efficient hydraulic systems with working pressure ranging from 200 up to 250 bar. The design of the superstructure provides for manufacturing tipper bodies that combine various high-tensile and durable steels. Depending on the material used, the side thickness may differ from 5 to 6 mm, the base of the body - from 6 to 8 mm.

The joint product of Daewoo Trucks and Grunwald is addressed to transportation companies that operated the “Big Seven” vehicles prior and are now in search for an equivalent alternative. Thanks to a combination of criteria such as price, ownership costs and performance, the new Daewoo Novus is ready to fill this niche.

This Korean “dragon” is a genuine trusty worker!

First rigid trucks with Grunwald superstructures were given a test-drive in an environment closely resembling sand quarries of Central Russia. The representatives of the construction industry who took part in the event saw that the new product is built by specialists who have expertise of actual working conditions and who have deep understanding of essential customer expectations.