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Journey to StroyDorExpo

Special occasion worthy of a trip across the country: Grunwald brand team traveled from Kaliningrad to Chelyabinsk to take part in StroyDorExpo – the forum held by and for leading Russian construction equipment manufacturers.

For three days Kalachevo airfield was taken over by the most advanced Russian road construction equipment: asphalt rollers, graders, bulldozers, truck cranes and much more. Grunwald was proud to present its tipper semi-trailer, built exclusively from Russian steel, with the majority of its parts and components coming from the domestic market. Decorated with bright-green arrows on its sides, the semi-trailer allured visitors and business partners alike throughout the duration of the forum.

Seeing Russian building equipment “in the wild” helps with shifting the paradigm regarding the state of domestic industry, which is great for promoting innovative Russian manufacturers who are passionate about creating complex specialty vehicles.