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Tridem with Grunwald tipper superstructures

Scandinavian method to creating transport solution is to come to Russia! Grunwald announces its launch of a batch of Volvo vehicles with tridem configuration and Grunwald tipper.

The vehicle is based on Scandinavian VOLVO FMX 420 HP 8*4 Rigid Tag Tridem chassis. In this configuration, the support axle, fitted with a lifting mechanism, is positioned behind the two drive axles. The car truck with Grunwald tipper body was made to tackle the daily tasks of urban construction. Its great maneuverability makes work on densely packed narrow city streets and cramped loading platforms a mere breeze, and it is spacious enough to deliver sufficient amount of cargo per single ride.

The tipper body is made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant steel. The side walls are 5 mm thick, and the base of the body is 8 mm. The body structure incorporates a high efficiency heating system. The heating system components were made with the use of stainless steel. The superstructure is finished with premium PPG paints..

This batch of vehicles is to travel to the city of Perm in the Western Urals, where they will solve work tasks in the customer’s field of work - road construction.