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20 Ft container ship with two container positions

Analysts of the largest container carrier in Russia predict that the size of the average annual growth rate of the industry in 2019 will be 7.5%. The dynamics of growth in container traffic is slowing, but remains positive. Another powerful trend in the transport sector is technological progress and the emergence of increasingly sophisticated means of delivery. The issue of weight control only strengthens this trend.
The development of structures for the beneficial distribution of weight loads is the main task for manufacturers of semitrailers.
The Grunwald Company announces the emergence of promising new models in the nomenclature – container semitrailer 20 Ft with two positions of the container.

The design of the original 20-Ft container semitrailer model underwent engineering processing. Scheme weight distribution was re-examined and two additional beams with 4 container locks were integrated in the design of the frame. The functionality of the semitrailer is based on the logic by which you can carry a heavy container in the optimal forward position, and if necessary to unload by the loader – to move the container to the second overall position and drive up to the ramp.The tare weight of the container semitrailer with 8 container locks is 4 000 kg. Semitrailer in the basic version is equipped with SAF axles, spare wheel and plastic toolbox.
The first batch of 4 units has already been delivered to the customer. They will work on combined and international routes "Siberia – Far East of Russia – North and Central China".