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Batch of tank-container semitrailers for Norway

As a part of the export contract a batch of new tank-container semitrailers Grunwald Gr-VCSt TANK 40 was delivered to the port of Klaipeda. By maritime transport, they will be delivered to the customer to Norway. Semitrailers were produced as part of the Individual program with a view to future operating conditions and specific tasks of transportation. The basis of the project development is Grunwald heavy-duty container semitrailer, which has got a high praise from the customer.
New tank-container semitrailers are intended to operate with a 40Ft tank-containers with total weight up to 32 tons, but can also be used for transporting of standard containers 1x20Ft, 2x20Ft, 1x30Ft and 1x40Ft. To increase the maneuverability of road trains and reduce angle of a turn, the axial assembly of a new tank-container semitrailer combines two permanently installed axles with the third self-steering axle. High quality air suspension and light systems are installed on all semitrailers of the batch. Paint quality meets the requirements of the ISO standard for the harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, axial assemblies and support devices are also colored. The thickness of the paint layer is 200 microns. For efficient operation with liquid cargoes, container semitrailers are completed with special equipment: drain trough, working  platform in the back part of the frame  built-in tubes for storage of hoses and additional tool boxes.