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Container semitrailers for heavy 20ft containers

Grunwald engineers have presented an advanced solution for the most efficient transportation of heavy 20-Ft containers.

Containerization of transportation industry is an important factor in the development of world trade and one of the main directions of scientific and technological progress in transport. Every year, Russia is more and more involved in the global transfer of goods and materials. It is becoming an important corridor for the movement of container flows from East to West and from South to North. This is supported by the growing non-resource exports from Russia and foreign trade activity
The most important point is the maximum productivity in intermodal transportation of containers and strict control of weight violations.

Due to the fact that the market for container semitrailers is quite competitive, Grunwald engineers are focused on finding the most optimal combination of technical and operational characteristics.

A request for a semitrailer for the delivery of a heavy 20 Ft container came from a competent partner — a  transport company that supplies raw materials for the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for food purposes. The raw material comes in granular form in a standard container with a polypropylene liner. This ensures a uniform load, creating almost ideal conditions for working with legal capacity due to Russian laws. The total legal capacity of the new container semitrailer is 30 tons gross.

The axial unit of new model consists of the BPW axes with a capacity of 9 tons each. The front axle is lifting, the rear axle is rotary, and both are controlled in automatic mode. The software system controls the lifting mechanism of the front axle and does not use it for transportation of lightly loaded containers weighing up to 23 tons. This contributes not only to the rational operation of the front axle tires, but also allows the semitrailer to demonstrate its best qualities in different operating conditions. The model combines high maneuverability, handling and high legal capacity.
Semitrailers have already been put into operation and daily deliver containers from the port terminal to the production site.