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Contract manufacturing of link-trailers

The increase of foreign trade turnover was approved as the fundamental goal of the Grunwald Company for 2016. Now company consistently expand the structure of export orders. Past orders of Grunwald semitrailers for Europe were of the one-off nature. This year a fundamentally new level of interaction with the European market has been achieved.
The Grunwald Company acted as a contract manufacturer for customer from Denmark - a major trading and manufacturing concern. Under the terms of the agreement, the Grunwald Company will deliver a large batch of link-trailers.It is a unique tilt semitrailer with a design which provides the technical capacity to move the superstructure in the front of the frame, opening access to additional fifth wheel in the back. After that the second semitrailer can be attached to the road train, it 2 times increases the useful volume of the trailer and increases the effectiveness of transportation.

The semitrailers of this model allowed to operate in Russia only with special permission due to legislative limits of maximum trailer length not more than 20 meters. Wide dissemination of this model has received in Scandinavian countries, where the maximum permitted length of a road train is 25,25 m. The Grunwald Company will carry out a full production cycle of manufacturing of semitrailers, including welding and painting. In the production of semitrailers will be used components, which meet the Scandinavian standards. The planned production batch is estimated at several tens of units.
This year a fundamentally new level of interaction with the European market has been achieved.
This large-scale project confirms the potential of the Grunwald Company in creating a competitive product with high added value, high quality and reliability. First link-trailer is ready and already arrived to the port of shipment.