Updated Grunwald curtain side semi-trailer with bunk
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Curtain semitrailer Grunwald

Curtain semitrailer Grunwald
The most important component of Grunwald's strategy is the principle of providing optimal solutions for any transport task. Grunwald constructors consistently expand the range of options and services that are useful for customers.
An improved version of the curtain semitrailer was presented. The semitrailer received a new steel front portal and prefabricated aluminum rear gates. Elements of the superstructure are now manufactured using KTL technology, this further protects the structure from focal corrosion.

The main innovation was the conic system for fixing non-palletized cargo. The set includes 16 steel cones with a height of 1.8 meters, fixed in special cassettes on the spars of the frame, and a total of 32 positions are provided in the frame of the semitrailer for quick and convenient installation of the cones.
The own weight of the modification with a set of cones is 6,900 kg, excluding the weight of the spare wheel. As standard, the semitrailer is equipped with an SAF axle unit with disc brakes and a front lift axle mechanism. A useful service is the pre-installed OptiLink semitrailer monitoring system from Wabco.
Grunwald curtainsiders are designed for the truly professional transport of any commercial cargo. Experienced carriers know that total cost of ownership is the key to high profitability. The functionality of the technology also comes to the fore.
The new version of the curtain semitrailer has already confirmed its demand in the market, thanks to its high functionality, versatility and overall quality of performance. The first produced semitrailers were purchased by transport companies and started operating regular trips.