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European certificate for container semitrailers

Grunwald commercial department announces the successful completion of the European certification process for container semitrailer models.
All products, especially vehicles entering the EU markets, must comply with the requirements of the European Directives and be marked with the CE mark — this marking ensures the free admission of goods to the markets of all countries of the European Union.
In order to be certified, Grunwald products must comply with strict regulations. Tests of Grunwald container semitrailers were carried out, for which an independent laboratory notified in the territory of the European Union was involved. The test results were correlated with the parameters fixed by the normative acts.

At the same time, a field analysis of production conditions was carried out. It is carried out by competent specialists of the certifying body. The management of the company confirmed the existence of a valid ISO 9001 certificate.
The receipt of the European CE certificate marks the beginning of Grunwald's export of container semitrailers to European markets. All positions from a model range are available: heavy, low-bed or special for transportation of tank-containers, extremely universal and highly specialized. High performance and the ability of engineers to optimize the product in accordance with the wishes of the customer create a high commercial potential for Grunwald container semitrailers in the European market.