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Expansion of the basic configuration

Expansion of the basic configuration
Always offering more than the customer expects is the core of the Grunwald brand philosophy. This is a way of continuous improvement along with taking care of the client's interests. Therefore, the complete set of semitrailers is constantly supplemented with useful solutions and options.
A tool box, a hand basin with a separate dispenser and double wheel nut caps that prevent loosening of the tightening torque are included in the basic design of all models of Grunwald tipper semitrailers. The standard spare wheel winch was replaced with an improved version with a gear mechanism and a high gear ratio to save time when replacing the wheel. Another innovation is the updated anti-roll bar, whose kinematics and improved height adjustment allow you to work with all types of pavers.

All semitrailers are equipped with the OptiLink monitoring system from WABCO. The service allows the driver to monitor the load on the semitrailer axles and many other parameters in real time using a smartphone without leaving the cab. The semitrailers are equipped with a new generation of Ermax TM11 lighting equipment with led lamps and lamp housings made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. The lighting package itself has also been expanded. It now includes two additional led work lights in metal cases.
Always offering more than the customer expects is the core of the Grunwald brand philosophy
The medium-heavy models are equipped with MICHELIN XZE HD tires, which are universal for use on roads and off-road with high resistance to damage.