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Export deliveries to the Baltic countries

The scale of export supply of Grunwald semitrailers to the countries of the Baltic region is rapidly increasing. The positive effect was achieved due to the emergence of reliable business partners – representatives of the Grunwald brand in each of the Baltic countries and a careful study of the needs of the local market.
Recently, several more shipments of semitrailers for Baltic customers have been made. A well-known transport company from Latvia got a batch of Grunwald light tipper semitrailers with steel HARDOX 450 bodies. The company works at the quarries for the extraction of cement raw materials and serves the largest cement production in the region, whose production capacity is 1.7 million tons of cement per year.

Another reinforced Grunwald tipper semitrailer with a body volume of 27 cubic meters made of HARDOX 450 steel was delivered to a mining quarry in the area of Jurmala, Latvia. The customer company is engaged in the production of various types of crushed stone: fractional, mixed and washed. The semitrailer will be involved in the transportation of a block of stone, the mass of each is about 500 kg.

A batch of bright red Grunwald tipper semitrailers with a body of 22 cubic meters for the Lithuanian market is fully ready for delivery. Semitrailers are designed to work in the road construction industry.
In the next stage, Grunwald's commercial service aims to develop a dealer network in Eastern and Central Europe. Now starts the process of searching and selection of potential business partners – companies with a similar ideology, aimed at achieving results. The established dealer network will be entrusted to represent the interests of the Grunwald brand at the regional level, starting with the initial consultation before placing an order for production and fulfillment of warranty obligations.