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First new MAN TGS with the Grunwald superstructure

In 2021, the MAN company made the world premiere of a new generation of trucks. The new models implement the well-thought-out concept of the German brand – even more comfort, more efficiency, more reliability.

In the segment of construction vehicles, the new MAN TGS was introduced, embodying a truly lion's power. The truck received reliable D20 and D26 engines, new network technologies and innovative services, as well as an upgraded driver's cab, in which the workplace was designed with ergonomics, comfort and functionality in mind. For Russian customers, the new MAN TGS is already available in a complete set with the Gr.M20 body superstructure from Grunwald.

The body superstructure of the Gr.M20-SB-SS project combines advanced materials, first-class components and precise technical solutions. The body structure uses a new material from the Hardox line - Hardox ® 500 Tuf wear-resistant steel. Due to the high hardness and impact strength of Hardox ® 500 Tuf steel, the body base made of it has a long service life and has the strength characteristics of much heavier structures. The sides of the body, made of Hardox 450 wear-resistant steel, are as technologically advanced as possible and are made in the form of one-piece parts with a thickness of 5 mm. The superstructure fully complies with the principles of certification of the "Hardox In My Body ™" program. The useful volume of the tipper body is 20 cubic meters. The setting is characterized by a low center of gravity and the maximum internal width in the class. The body is equipped with a switchable heating system. The structural elements of the system are made of stainless steel.

The body structure uses a new material from the Hardox line - Hardox ® 500 Tuf wear-resistant steel.

The carriers of the construction industry will be impressed by the level of comfort and high performance of the new MAN TGS tipper truck of the 3rd generation with the Grunwald superstructure. This is the most important business postulate about maximum efficiency at low costs, implemented in practice.