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Ford Trucks 4142D with Grunwald superstructures

Grunwald has introduced the second generation of tipper superstructures made using Half-Pipe technology for the Ford Trucks 4142D chassis.
Grunwald engineers never use a template approach to tasks, taking into account the specifics of the transportation, the specifics of operating activities and the place of future operation of vehicles. Due to this, the created vehicles are distinguished by a long uptime, high productivity and profitability in construction – an area with traditionally difficult working conditions.

In the new generation of Gr.F22-SH-II superstructure the emphasis is on using the best materials combined with an improved design. The main innovations are the body material, a new design of vertical reinforcement of the sides, the rear sice and the visor.

The body volume is 22 cubic meters with an internal length of 6590 mm. The sides and base of the body are made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant Hardox 450 steel. Superstructure is certified according to the program of the Swedish concern SSAB - «Hardox In My Body™». The thickness of the body wall is 5 mm, the thickness of the base is 6 mm. The superstructure is equipped with a plug-in exhaust gas heating system.
All innovations are aimed at even greater safety, efficiency and productivity, which makes the new version of the Ford 4142D tipper truck with the Grunwald superstructure a valuable working tool for transport entrepreneurs.

Ford Trucks chassis are produced geographically in the same region as the Grunwald superstructure - this reduces logistics operations and waiting times for customers. The pilot batch of ready-made tipper trucks was transferred to the exclusive distributor of the Ford Trucks brand in Russia – a Turbo Trucks Company.