Daewoo Novus dump truck with Grunwald body
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Grand day for Grunwald and Daewoo

The last weekend of September has seen the event that the Grunwald and Daewoo Trucks teams have been preparing with excitement for several weeks – the presentation of the joint project of the Daewoo Novus dump truck with the Grunwald dump body.

To announce their new product, the companies came up with a format in which the course of the event had changed gradually from its official part to a colorful performance and a range of exciting activities. The site chosen for the presentation – a picturesque sand quarry in the Moscow region – has also proven to be just right. The grand day held a hail of emotions, discoveries, smiles and proved once again that communicating with extraordinary people of the transport world is never a routine, but an exciting and thrilling experience! The highlight of the night was test-driving heavy trucks along the track surrounding a lake, where high trees and the trucks themselves were reflected in the mirror-like water surface.

In the transience of a big event, there is sometimes not enough time to process and reflect on everything you have seen. It's all the more pleasant to go back for a few minutes, relive the best moments and share unforgettable experiences! Watch the new video on Grunwald Youtube channel.