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Grunwald agricultural equipment

Now Grunwald is no longer merely a commercial transportation manufacturer. The company ventures into a new field — modern agricultural equipment by presenting the brand new Grunwald AgroTech line.

The recent years saw Grunwald becoming one of the most critically acclaimed leaders in the design and manufacture of semi-trailers in Russia. The company's engineers have obtained unique experience in conceptualization and serial production of common automotive and special-purpose vehicles. This expertise is what allows the company to develop new lines of business.

The first product of Grunwald AgroTech line, versatile sowing machine, was premiered at the exhibition "All-Russian Field Day". It is intended for operating in the modern farming system on the "No-Till" principle, also called "system of zero tillage". The complex performs strip-till preparation of a seedbed with high accuracy of seed placement. Micro-relief of the field is copied by moving sections of the frame. The complex shapes furrows in a directed and precise manner, removing plant residues and large clods of soil. A pre-sowing fertilizer can be applied at the same time as the seeds are sown.

The versatile sowing complex was tailored to implement the idea of the most efficient seeding process the farmers envision. Russian agribusiness must be fruitful, successful and profitable and new solutions by Grunwald will contribute to achieving these goals.