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Grunwald container semitrailer for Holland

The Grunwald company expands the boundaries of foreign economic activity. Over the past period, the most productive export strategy has been identified – an open dialogue and direct acquaintance of foreign carriers with the Grunwald transport solutions.
The heavy duty Grunwald container semitrailer at the gable busbars was sent to Holland to the dealer with a world name Van Vliet Trucks Holland. The container semitrailer has six pairs of fitting locks for transporting of containers of following dimensions: 1x20’, 2x20’, 1x30’and 1x40'. In the design of this model of semitrailer, Grunwald engineers have applied a number of technical solutions that allow it to safely and efficiently operate containers with a total gross weight of up to 44 tons.

Dutch experts noted the potential and high consumer properties of the model. The dealer intends to focus this offer on the markets of developing countries of the Middle East and the African continent. Nevertheless, being in the world trade center for commercial transport, the container semitrailer will be available to potential customers from all over the world.
The Grunwald commercial service sees great opportunities for the development of the brand in foreign markets, and therefore active activities contributing to this will continue.