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Grunwald for Sweden

Grunwald made its first delivery to Sweden. In terms of its importance and scale, this event will become one of the key events for the Company in 2020. The Scandinavian countries are a difficult region to establish a presence in the market, primarily because of the carriers' commitment to local manufacturers. Nevertheless, the Swedish customer has shown confidence in the Grunwald brand by entrusting the development and delivery of tipper superstructures, taking into account local transport and legal requirements.
The Grunwald export tipper superstructure is certified according to the program of the Swedish concern SSAB - «Hardox In My Body ™». This confirms that the body is made of wear-resistant Hardox 450 steel. The side walls are 5 mm thick, the bottom of the body is 6 mm. The body walls are solid parts of high rigidity. The volume of the body is 16 cubic meters, in accordance with Swedish legislation in the field of weight restrictions.

Another distinctive feature of the export superstructure is the combined design of the rear side and the bulk tray with pneumatic control. The tailboard can be opened according to the classical scheme on the upper axis of rotation and as a single-leaf door. The internal length of the body is 6,200 mm, the flat base and the design of the rear side allows, in addition to non-metallic materials, to effectively transport palletized construction cargo. All elements of the superstructure are painted in accordance with the requirements for severe weather conditions. Combining road transport and ferry transport in the logistics chain, the superstructures were delivered to the customer in Sweden, where they will be installed on the Scania tridem chassis.
Classic 4-axle vehicles are replaced by the trucks with a tridem chassis
In the European culture of construction transport, there is a deep revision of the concept of a tipper truck with a wheel formula of 8x4. Classic 4-axle vehicles are replaced by the trucks with a tridem chassis. With this layout of the chassis, the weight loads are distributed in the best way, and the legal load capacity of the vehicle increases. By the time this trend will prevail in the Russian transport industry, Grunwald will have in its arsenal honed and proven technical solutions for the most progressive and far-sighted customers.