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Grunwald premiere project for special utility vehicles

As part of the first delivery to the market of superstructures for special utility vehicles from Grunwald, a batch of multifunctional tipper trucks was presented. Vehicles with the 6x4 wheel formula can be used as efficient construction tipper trucks for complex urban routes or can be equipped with specialized equipment with the functions of municipal vehicles. The partner and supplier of the chassis was a company from the "Big European Seven" – RENAULT TRUCKS.

The Grunwald tipper superstructure with a volume of 16 cubic meters, while maintaining the usual reliability and strength, has been optimized for the placement of special utility and road equipment inside the body. The concept of the superstructure does not deviate from the key principles of Grunwald and still incorporates the best materials and advanced technologies. The body is made of HARDOX 450 wear-resistant and impact-resistant steel and is certified under the "Hardox in My Body" program. The side walls of the body have a thickness of 5 mm, the base of the body – 8 mm. The vehicle has a minimum loading height of 2,900 mm. The superstructure is equipped with a switchable body heating system with exhaust gases.

Опыт пилотного проекта станет основой для анализа потенциала рынка комбинированных дорожных машин в отношении продуктов Grunwald.
Compact tipper trucks Renault K 440 P6x4 with superstructures from Grunwald are best suited for use in the fleets of companies involved in the repair and year-round maintenance of the road network of the city or regional level. These vehicles have all the performance characteristics of modern tipper trucks, combining them with the functionality of special utility vehicles.