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Grunwald superstructures for mining in the African continent

Grunwald is actively developing towards foreign markets. The company is very serious about assessing the potential of individual markets and brand prospects. The product line is constantly evolving, adapting to regional tasks, new products appear for certain niches.

The useful volume of the new superstructures Gr.M25-SB-SI is 25 m3. Grunwald engineers are careful to ensure that the quality of the components matches the nature of future transport tasks and the site of use. Therefore, the body is made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant Hardox450 steel. The use of the original material is confirmed by the certification marks "Hardox In My Body" on the sides of the body.

In accordance with the transport task for working with highly abrasive materials, the base of the body is reinforced. A removable canopy covers the cab space to provide the required level of safety. Reliable hydraulic equipment from leading European manufacturers is used. The superstructure also combines a low center of gravity and class-leading interior width. The new Gr.M25-SB-SI superstructures are mounted on a pilot batch of truck chassis and are awaiting shipment to the site of future use.
For several years, the Company has managed to develop a strategy for introducing foreign customers to transport solutions and quality benchmarks of Grunwald. Regardless of the regional context, commercial vehicle buyers are always looking for a balance between investment and desired performance levels. Grunwald tipper bodies, like Grunwald semitrailers in the past, have proven to be an investment that pays off.