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Grunwald tipper semitrailers for Africa

Pushing the boundaries of foreign trade relations, the Grunwald Company for the first time has delivered products to the African continent. Until then, Russian semitrailer manufacturers had almost no points of presence in Africa. Knowledgeable analysts today assess the region as one of the most promising export markets.
The African continent contains 54 countries that are increasing their attractiveness in the sphere of trade and investment every year. Directly for the market of African countries, Grunwald engineers have developed an original product – a new tipper semitrailer of the heavy series. It combines an ultra-reliable chassis on a gable bushing and a steel Half-pipe body with a volume of 31 cubic meters, made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant Hardox 450 steel.
Semitrailer is equipped with 3 BPW axles with a load capacity of 12,000 kg each. Spring suspension. WABCO brake system, supplemented by The WABCO OptiLink monitoring system. The semitrailer is equipped with 12 Michelin tires. Own weight of the semitrailer is 10.5 t.

The new model embodies Grunwald's knowledge in creating heavy tipper semitrailers and the experience of European partners from Van Vliet Trucks Holland, who thoroughly know the needs of customers from Africa. The design took into account all the natural and working conditions of the region, such as difficult exits from quarries, lack of paved roads, and increased loads on the chassis. The new model embodies the reliability so highly valued by local carriers.
The pilot batch of vehicles already transferred to customers. The first semitrailer will be operated in the Republic of Cape Verde, located in the Atlantic ocean 600 km from the coast of Africa. Two more tipper semitrailers have been delivered to the Republic of Ghana and will be used in the mining industry. This West African country has significant natural resources, including gold and diamond deposits.
Knowledgeable analysts today assess the region as one of the most promising export markets
Grunwald aims to expand its portfolio of orders for Africa. The efficiency of trading operations will be improved by attracting Russian Export Centre resources in partnership with Afreximbank.