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HARDOX 500TUF steel in Grunwald products

The Grunwald brand continues to develop the concept of "Transport of tomorrow, accessible to everyone today". The company became the first Russian body manufacturer to use the HARDOX 500 Tuf material – the next generation of wear-resistant steel for superstructures.
The new material is characterized by the formula "stronger, lighter, more stable". By its properties, it is more resistant to abrasive wear and shows an increase in service life. The high hardness of HARDOX 500 Tuf steel is equivalent to a high yield strength, which increases the material's resistance to dents.

When switching from an 8 mm thick HARDOX 450 sheet to a 7 mm thick HARDOX 500 Tuf sheet, as the base material of the body, it becomes possible to reduce the weight by 12.5 %, and extend the service life of the body by 15%. Soon, the option of Hardox 500 Tuf wear-resistant steel will be available when ordering Grunwald tipper superstructures for the main element – the body base (floor). Further, the possibility of using the new material in the construction of the model range of semitrailers will be considered.

With each new technology or material, Grunwald engineers and technologists strive to implement new solutions related to them. These ideas and innovative designs create an opportunity for Grunwald customers to benefit further.