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Hello, Helsinki! Grunwald is going to Finland

Grunwald is concentrating on new markets. Taking another step towards the global nature of supplies, the company announces the appearance of a regional representative of the brand in the country of a thousand lakes – Finland.

Crossnord Trading Ltd. Oy, an expert in the field of intermodal transportation in the Suomi market, is endowed with the status of a dealer. The first Grunwald product aimed at the Finnish market will be the Gr.C-S3-SUOMI container semitrailer.

The Gr.C-S3-SUOMI model created by Grunwald engineers complies with Finnish transport legislation and accepted logistics standards. Thanks to the rear-mounted coupling device, the semitrailer can act as part of a three- or four-part road train. The semitrailer can be operated together with a truck and trailer or together with a truck, a dolly and a second semitrailer. The length of a composite road train can reach 30 m.

In the basic version, the Gr.C-S3-SUOMI container semitrailer is capable of transporting a wide range of standard containers, with the exception of High Cube containers. The front part of the semitrailer frame with a coupling plate is reinforced and designed for a load of 16,000 kg. The panel of connecting heads in the front of the frame has a retractable design for easy connection when transporting containers with a dimension of 45 Ft.

The axle unit of the semitrailer consists of three SAF INTRA axles with disc brakes. The first axel is equipped with a lifting mechanism, the third axel is rotary in automatic mode. The selected configuration of the axial unit increases the maneuverability of the road train, reducing the turning radius.

A coupling device with pneumatic-mechanical control is installed in the rear of the semitrailer. Identification of the lock closure can be controlled by the driver directly from the working panel of the truck. The connection of the pneumatics of the second trailer is carried out using a protected Duo-matic connection. The rear anti-roll bar is made of aluminum and meets the updated EU technical requirements

The first Grunwald product targeted at the Finnish market is the Gr.C-S3-SUOMI container semitrailer

The process of pilot delivery of a batch of 3 units has been completed. The semitrailers have passed all registration actions and are approved for operation. In the test mode, the semitrailers started working at the Helsinki - Vuosaari port terminal. Further, Grunwald management plans to expand the range of regional models and will continue to invest its experience and energy in the development of partnerships with the Suomi market.