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Lightweight tipper semitrailer 27 cbm.

The Grunwald company complements the production program with a model of a lightweight tipper semitrailer with a body volume of 27 cubic meters, made of high-strength Hardox 450 steel. The new project of Grunwald Design Bureau embodies modern trends and anticipates the development of the needs of transport companies in the nearest future.

With the launch of the new model, Grunwald, as a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, is also launching a new transport initiative ‘Weight within’. The initiative is aimed at creating intelligent transport solutions that take into account not only state standards and regulations, but also the interests of transport entrepreneurs who need to take care of the profitability of their business. This approach can bring an overall progress in the transport industry — the simultaneous development of means of delivery and improving the culture of transportation, the growth of social responsibility of carriers and respect for the road network.

The layout of the new tipper semitrailer has been optimized to achieve maximum results: material and dimensions were revised — this factors directly affect the distribution of weight loads in the road train. German engineers provided technical support in the design of the new body, it is the first time for Grunwald tipper models when the body wall and the upper edge of the reinforcement became a single integral part of a complex cross-section. Tipper body is made of Hardox 450 steel of SSAB production, the individual elements are made of high-strength S700 steel. The thickness of the side of the body is 4 mm, the base - 6 mm. Semitrailer has integrated bulk tray for work with asphalt laying machine. In the process of creating a new model, a fundamentally new frame was developed, at the same time lightweight and durable, made using high-strength S700 steel. The use of high-strength materials allows to reduce the weight, while maintaining strength and reliability. Own weight of a semitrailer does not exceed 7 000 kg taking into account weight of a spare wheel.

The semitrailer is equipped with an axial unit in a reinforced version, a WABCO brake system complete with an OptiLink monitoring system, the latest Ermax TM11 diode lighting equipment with polycarbonate lamp housings. Mounting brackets have become removable, which simplifies, if necessary, their replacement and repair.
The first two semitrailers of the new series were produced in early autumn and passed full running and working tests in the parks of large construction carriers. The identified comments and suggestions were carefully studied, the relevant amendments were worked out by engineers and technologists.

In the present, the model of the lightweight tipper semitrailer has been put into serial production, the Grunwald commercial service has started accepting orders. The demand for lightweight and advanced equipment is constantly increasing, and the new model is designed to meet it and provide the Grunwald customers with the ability to effectively reduce costs and increase productivity.