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MAN TGS 40.440 6x6 with Grunwald tipper superstructure

The Grunwald Company continues to work with a variety of chassis and is expanding the tipper superstructure production program. The engineers are tasked with creating the most complete range of body solutions for all possible chassis configurations produced by Grunwald partners – European OEM.
In an effort to help its customers to work efficiently even in extreme conditions, the Grunwald  Company introduced the first all-wheel drive tipper truck with a Grunwald superstructure on the Man TGS 40.440 6x6 chassis. At the design stage, a special role was assigned to the optimal distribution of weight loads to maintain high permeability of the vehicle.

The useful volume of the tipper body is 16 cubic meters. The body is completely made of Hardox 450 wear-resistant steel produced by SSAB and marked with a quality mark "Hardox in My Body". The thickness of the body walls is 6 mm, the base of the body - 8 mm. The side walls of the body are all-bent parts with a complex cross section. This ensures high structural rigidity and extends the life cycle of the superstructure at the same time. The design is complemented by an efficient body heating system with exhaust gases. Parts of heating system are made of stainless steel.
Thanks to close cooperation with European OEMs and customers, Grunwald successfully creates trucks that meet the high requirements for performance, reliability and load capacity.