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Meet Grunwald at CTT-Expo 2023

Where have all the builders gone? Everyone is at the Expo.

The upcoming CTT EXPO 2023 has something to offer for everyone who is interested in building, purchasing, getting acquainted with any kind of machinery, and ones who aspire to one day operate construction equipment.

We invite you to meet Grunwald brand. Our booth №G5.1 is located outdoors, directly in front of the main entrance to the exhibition hall. 
This is a chance to see the new trailer range as well as all Grunwald tipper solutions in one spot. The company booth offers a perfect environment for business negotiations, an interactive augmented reality zone, and an opportunity to discuss the future of the construction industry with like-minded professionals.

The aim for the 2023 season is to present the evolution of the Grunwald brand. Throughout 2022, we put in the effort to design and test a variety of highly efficient and anticipated products which are planned to be unveiled soon. Our focus is to establish our presence in some new markets, increase production in our traditional areas and localize the manufacturing of components.

Use the Grunwald promo code EXCMX84 to receive a free pass to the expo.
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Meet you at the №G5.1 booth – the territory of efficient transportation solutions!