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New aluminum tipper semitrailer

Grunwald engineers have presented a modification of the tipper semitrailer with an aluminum body, created taking into account the special wishes of the customer. The modification is intended for transportation of construction inert materials, primarily sand, sand-gravel mixture and crushed stone.
The main difference of the new modification was an alternative version of the dump truck body to the base line. The body volume of 27 cubic meters is made of an aluminum profile with a thickness of 40 mm, has a straight front wall, an inclined rear side, and an integrated bulk tray in the rear. The bulk tray is made at the same height level with the base of the body, this technical solution is especially in demand when working with sticking loads.
The thickness of the body bottom at the rear is increased. This will reduce the risk of premature abrasion of the aluminum bottom when working smoothly with highly abrasive materials on a small delivery distance and a large number of unloading cycles.
The curb weight of the new modification is 5,750 kg, taking into account the weight of the spare wheel. This is one of the best indicators for this type of vehicles among the current offers of the Russian market.
The first batch of semitrailers of the new modification has already been produced and is available for review at the official Grunwald sales office in the Sheremetyevo Technopark in Moscow.