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New model of multifunctional aluminum tipper semitrailer

The Grunwald company expands the model range in the line of multifunctional aluminum tipper vehicles. We present a new 4-axle tipper semitrailer with an aluminum body with a volume of 52 cubic meters. In its features, the progressiveness of materials is combined with broad functionality.

The new model has retained all the high-performance qualities for which the Grunwald semitrailers are appreciated by Russian transport companies. Thanks to the new 4-axle chassis and increased body volume, the semitrailer provides even more opportunities for transporting large masses of cargo. Its own weight of 7,790 kg is the best indicator, which implies maintaining the strength necessary for confident work on dirt and field roads.

The box-type body with a wide base is made of high-quality aluminum and aluminum profile. The cargo versatility of the semitrailer is reflected in the design of the rear side and the base of the body. The thickness of the solid base of the body is 8 mm, the thickness of the side profile is 30 mm. The straight tailgate has two opening scenarios – with an upper hitch and a swing gate function with a removable crossbar. Two grain flaps are provided in the design of the side. The functionality of the body structure can provide an infinite number of cargo options - from bulk materials of different properties to general cargo, up to palletized.

The semi-trailer body was designed by Grunwald's partner, STAS, a competent manufacturer of aluminum bodies and produced on a robotic welding line at the STAS plant in Belgium.

The frame of the new model is made of high-strength steel Strenx S700 MC and acts as a reliable basis for the chassis in the long term. The axial unit consists of 4 SAF axles of reinforced Custom Design with disc brakes – one of the lightest axles in the series with excellent driving qualities.

Even more opportunities for transporting large masses of cargo

By choosing the new Gr.TI52-AB-4axle model, the carrier receives a flexible tool for conducting transport business. The semi-trailer is strong enough for transporting heavy loads and for driving on bad roads, at the same time the body volume and excellent own weight will become the basis for successful transportation of light agricultural and other goods.

Grunwald is expanding its dialogue with customers who purchase dump trucks from the non-construction segment and offers solutions that meet the requirements of such customers in terms of functionality and performance.