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Plan and results 2019

2019 has combined the stability of the macroeconomic sphere and a slowdown in consumer demand. The transport market also did not experience significant incentives for development. Quantitatively, the market of new semitrailers ended the year with minimal growth and significant changes in the demand structure. The volume of the segment of refrigerated semitrailers and timber semitrailers has decreased, and the demand for curtain trailers has increased.

Grunwald has been providing reliable supplies of commercial vehicles throughout the year and has maintained its leading position among domestic manufacturers of tipper semitrailers. In the container semitrailer segment, the company's commercial service achieved a 26,5% increase in sales.

The development of the tipper superstructure program was an absolute success. The company has secured the status of a leading Russian body builder in working with European OEMs: every quarter new chassis were mastered and the volume of deliveries of superstructures increased.

The new models of Grunwald semitrailers continued the previously set vector – lighter, more technologically and more efficient. 3 new models of container semitrailers and a model of a new light tipper semitrailer with a body of 27 cubic meters made of Hardox steel were developed. Last year, the European certification process for Grunwald container semitrailers was completed. At the same time, the Company took part in its first exhibition event in the European Union. The export project continued to develop actively, expanding the geography of business contacts.Today, vehicles under the Grunwald brand are operated in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

At the end of the year, clients and customers confirmed a high degree of satisfaction with the Company's work. The Grunwald brand is constantly developing and is ready to offer customers even more opportunities from the partnership in 2020.

The development of the tipper superstructure program was an absolute success.