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Scania P 440 6x6 with Grunwald superstructure

Grunwald presents its newest solution: 16 m3 truck body for all-wheel drive SCANIA P 440 B6x6HZ chassis.

Previously, in cooperation with Scania CV AB, Grunwald installed tipper bodies only on 8x4 vehicles. The body superstructure is fully adapted to low temperatures and extensive operation, as all-drive vehicle operation scheme involves work in severe conditions.

The body design employs the best materials, well-tested units and components that have proven their reliability many times over. The tipper body is made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant steel. The side walls of the body are 5 mm thick, the base is 8 mm thick. The body design provides for efficient driver-controlled heating system, made of stainless steel. The superstructure is painted with premium paints and varnishes.

The entire bodybuilding program of the Grunwald brand is based on the principle of design adaptability. This means that Grunwald engineers develop both box-type and half-pipe superstructures with the inherent ability to adapt different types of chassis to different wheelbases and weight distribution schemes. As all superstructures share a common design base and components, it enables every new modification design to match the parameters of a particular chassis perfectly.