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Scania P440 with Grunwald tipper superstructure

The Grunwald company has started cooperation with Scania CV AB concern which is used to be at the top of the advanced ideas and the latest technologies for many years. Both companies have long established themselves in the field of vehicles designed for severe operating conditions.
First joined product is a Scania P440 P8x4HZ with Grunwald box-type  tipper superstructure. The vehicle is made according to the most popular in Russia formula with a wheel arrangement of 8x4 and a body volume of 20 cubic meters.

The superstructure is marked with the "Hardox In My Body™" certification mark.  This certifies that the body is made of wear-resistant Hardox 450 steel. The side walls are 5 mm thick, the base of the body is 8 mm. The side walls of the body are one-piece bent parts without additional welds. This extends the life cycle of the body and increases its resistance to dynamic loads. The superstructure is also equipped with an efficient exhaust heating system for reliable operation in difficult temperature conditions.
The entire range of solutions offered by the Grunwald Company is aimed at improving the performance of transport companies – minimum downtime, maximum functionality and reliability. The Scania P440 P8x4HZ with the Grunwald tipper superstructure is a proposal addressed to professional transport companies who are well aware of their cost structure and are focused on using modern technologies to optimize their businesses.