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StroyDorExpo 2022 in Chelyabinsk

The Grunwald brand invites you on the journey from the green fields of Kaliningrad to one of the largest and busiest Urals metropolitan areas – the city of Chelyabinsk.

Fresh out the agro-industrial equipment exhibition to discussing the production of road construction equipment in Russia. From August 3 to 5, 2022, the STROYDOREXPO 2022 forum is to be held in Chelyabinsk. The forum is aimed at exhibiting the development of Russian mechanical engineering as well as presenting the advanced technologies, machinery and equipment. Take the opportunity to have a look at the current achievements of domestic enterprises, assess the potential of the industry, and meet live with teams of leading Russian factories. Find out who and how creates the equipment that builds cities and roads in Russia

We invite you to meet Grunwald brand at StroyDorExpo!