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The results of the exhibition STT-2016

From 31 of May to 5 of June the largest specialized exhibition "Construction Equipment and Technologies - 2016" was held in the exhibition complex "Crocus Expo" in Moscow. The show, which is used to be a central construction event in Russia, this year was organized with the help of world famous German exhibition Bauma. Despite the reduced number of participants and difficult economic situation, in the construction industry, the exhibition was able to attract interest of the professional community.
The Grunwald Company, a leading manufacturer of high quality construction semitrailers, had demonstrated its vision of the future construction transportation. Strict abidance to the weight limits and reduction of its own weight of semitrailer for  increasing the volume of cargo - this is the strategy offered by the company to improve the profitability of transporation with the increase of social responsibility of the carrier.

For realisation of this strategy - model of light tipper semitrailer Gr-TSt 22 with a steel body with a volume of 22 cubic meters was presented at the company booth. The semitrailer is best suited for cost-effective transportation of bulk cargo of high density without violating the law. This is the most compact and lightweight model in the entire range of construction equipment Grunwald. It was necessary to improve design and materials to achieve good combination of weight and strength characteristics. The choice was made in favor of high-strength S700 steel for the frame and German steel for the manufacturing of the body. The mass of the semitrailer is 6500 kg, consisting of five-axis roadtrain semitrailer can load 27000 kg of cargo.

Model Gr-TSt 22 was put into production in the fall of 2015, but for the first time demonstrated at the exhibition. The model confirmed its high demand and is serious competition for the European semitrailers. An innovative step was the introduction of a fully production model of the semitrailer without any special modification. This was done intentionally, so that visitors could appreciate the high quality of welding and painting, typical for all of semitrailers Grunwald.
The semitrailer is best suited for cost-effective transportation of bulk cargo of high density without violating the law
As in previous years, the unique format of the exhibition turned the booth of the company in an effective platform for discussion with carriers and owners, leading manufacturers and distributors, representatives of industry organizations. Among the guests of the stand of Grunwald in 2016 and famous racecar driver class truck team IVECO - Gerard de Rooy.