Geometric volume
≈ 20 куб.м.
Maximum body lift angle
48 - 50º
Permissible gross weight
48 500 kg
Loading height
2 975
Base chassis
Body internal dimensions, mm (length x width x height)
6 000 x 2 450 x 1 500 mm
Binotto / HYVA
Transported cargo weight, kg
31 850 kg
Subframe material
DOMEX 500 MC construction steel
Body material
Wear-resistant HARDOX 450 steel
Lateral side thickness
5 mm
Body base thickness
8 mm
Model name


Professionals in construction transportation have only one but strict condition when choosing transport vehicles and equipment – only reliable, profitable machinery capable of more efficient operation as compared to analogs. This is why activity of the Grunwald engineers is aimed at creation of reliable and highly productive solutions such as the new Renault K 8x4 series vehicles with Grunwald tipper superstructures.

The Gr.R20-SB-SI superstructure project preserves the sum of design solutions and uses the best properties of materials.

  • Steel body with rear-side unloading is made of wear-resistant Hardox 450 steel and certified according to the “Hardox in my body” program;

  • Ladder in the front part of the body with a mating structure for steps;

  • A bracket for a spare wheel on the body front wall;

  • Removable protection screen made of steel;

  • Removable delivery chute;

  • Body heating by means of exhaust gases;

  • The body heating parts, including the three-way valve, are made of AISI 304 stainless steel;

  • Low pressure 200 bar hydraulic cylinders manufactured by HYVA or Binotto concern;

  • A high capacity hydraulic pump.

Automatic locking mechanism of the rear side

Ensures maximum unloading precision. The rear side is opened even at two degrees of body tipping.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic equipment reliable enough for operations under high loads is supplied directly from the leading European suppliers. High opening speed ensures fast unloading of the body.

Internal width and center of gravity

Among the current offers on the market, the Grunwald superstructure showcases the largest internal body width (2,450 mm) and the lowest-set center of gravity.

At the request of the customer, the semitrailer delivery package may be upgraded to include the following additional options:

  • HYVA SMART monitoring system with a tablet. It provides for monitoring the tipper truck operation – cargo weight, tilting angle control, control of the number of body tipping cycles, cloud service, etc;

  • Equipment of the hydraulic line for operations with a trailer. A hydraulic line for tipping of the trailer body, with a quick release joint and control from the cabin

  • Collapsible underride protection bar. Allows operations with asphalt pavers and ensures the maximum angle of departure;

  • Body base made of Hardox 500 Tuf steel. Wear resistance improved by 30 % as compared to Hardox 450 steel..


The warranty period for the semitrailer structure shall be the lesser of 12 months from the time of initial registration or 24 months from the time of manufacture.

Applicable warranty and servicing obligations shall be fulfilled by a specialized Grunwald service center in Moscow (Sheremetyevo) or by any service station which is a member of Grunwald’s authorized service network.

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