Geometric volume
24 m3
Internal body width
2 288 mm
Own weight
от 6 700 kg
Overall length
8 765 mm
Load on SSU
11 000 kg
Load capacity
31 300 kg
Overall width
2 500 mm
SSU height
от 1 220 mm
Maximum body lift angle
Overall height
2 960 mm
Axle system load
27 000 kg
385/65 R22.5
Body height at front wall
1 500 mm
Permissible gross weight
38 000 kg
Vehicle category
04 стандарт


The launch of model Gr.T24-SH has been the result of a search for engineering solutions that would optimize a tipper semitrailer so that it can transport maximum possible quantities of aggregate materials, such as various fractions of sand, sand and gravel mixtures, broken stone, and gravel, while maintaining compliance with applicable weight restrictions.

The steel tipper body is a Half-Pipe construction, which means that it can resist deformations better and boasts a lower curb weight than box-type bodies. The body is made of steel, which demonstrates great impact strength and resistance to physical wear by contact with abrasive goods.

Surface coating

The paintwork materials used for surface coating as well as the techniques used to apply them conform to relevant ISO requirements for severe climatic conditions. Prior to being painted, structural elements are thoroughly shot blasted. All paintwork is carried out using Glasurit paints and varnishes – advanced materials.

Axle system and suspension

The semitrailer’s axle system includes three Heavy Duty BPW axles with a carrying capacity of 9,000 kg each. The front axle is equipped with a lifting mechanism. The suspension is air-type.

Braking system and electrical equipment

The drum-type braking mechanisms are perfectly suited to address the challenges inherent in construction transportation. The braking system is supplied by WABCO and comes complete with their Premium EBS modulator.
Ermax TM11 LED lights are there to provide a new-gen lighting solution. The lighting package is augmented by two additional working LED lights.

At the request of the customer, the semitrailer delivery package may be upgraded to include the following additional options:

  • Hitch height increased (to 1,350 mm);

  • Disk-type braking mechanisms;

  • A 3.5" kingpin;

  • Cramaro’s automated Cover-Truck tarpaulin system;

  • Custom color scheme;

  • Custom vinyl graphics.


Grunwald’s semitrailers are certified in accordance with the latest certification rules published by the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosstandart) and conform to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).


The warranty period for the semitrailer structure shall be the lesser of 12 months from the time of initial registration or 24 months from the time of manufacture, as recorded in the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.

Applicable warranty and
servicing obligations shall be fulfilled by a specialized Grunwald service
center in Moscow (Sheremetyevo) or by any service station which is
a member of Grunwald’s authorized service network.

Extended basic equipment

Reinforced axle unit
Reliable braking system
Intelligent monitoring system

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