Overall length
8 980 mm
Load capacity
43 500 kg
Overall width
2 500 mm
385/55 R22.5
Vehicle category
04 Standard
Container type
1x20 Ft Tank, 1x20 Ft
Model name


Professional liquid chemical cargo transportation is a daunting task that yields great responsibility, especially in operations with heavy containers carrying high bulk density liquids. 

In dealing with such tasks, Grunwald tank container carrier model Gr.TC-S4-20 is an operator’s the best choice. The semitrailer design provides for multiple operating scenarios – for any route, distance or load rate. This versatility also enables operators to carry several types of cargo – from food to hazardous chemicals.

Design strengths

The key idea behind the new semi-trailer is forward-thinking design with future operating conditions in mind. The Gr.TC-S4-20 concept combines an optimal weight distribution scheme with great structural durability. Remarkable load capacity is complemented with extensive functionality. The semi-trailer is equally suitable for SWOP containers and tank containers of different classes. The standard configuration is complete with special drainage equipment. 

Axial unit and suspension

The semitrailers are equipped with four SAF INTRA DISK axles of reinforced Custom Design with disc brakes. This ensures a greater load capacity combined with smooth running and high stability.

Special equipment

The standard configuration of the semitrailer provides for special equipment for handling bulk cargo: tubes integrated into the frame for storing hoses, a drain chute with a valve and an auxiliary platform with a perforated aluminum flooring in the rear part of the frame. For the convenience of the driver, the semi-trailer is equipped with a tool box to store the necessary equipment.

Brake system and electrical equipment

Disc-type brakes ensure accurate braking in any road conditions. ABS/EBS modulator. Drum brakes may be instaled at the request of the customer. New generation Ermax TM11 lighting equipment with LED lights and casings made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. The lighting package is augmented by two additional LED metal-cased working lights.

At the request of the customer, the semitrailer delivery package may be upgraded to include the following additional options:

  • SAF IntraDrum Custom Design axles with drum brakes;

  • BPW AL Heavy Duty axles with drum brakes;

  • Second lift axle;

  • SMARTBOARD Information module;

  • Custom color sheme.


Grunwald’s semitrailers are certified in accordance with the latest certification rules published by the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosstandart) and conform to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).


The warranty period for the semitrailer structure shall be the lesser of 12 months from the time of initial registration or 24 months from the time of manufacture, as recorded in the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.

Applicable warranty and
servicing obligations shall be fulfilled by a specialized Grunwald service
center in Moscow (Sheremetyevo) or by any service station which is
a member of Grunwald’s authorized service network.

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