Own weight
от 5 600 kg
Overall length
12 620 mm
Load on SSU
11 000 kg
Load capacity
41 400 kg
Overall width
2 500 mm
SSU height
1 100 mm
Axle system load
36 000 kg
385/55 R22.5
Vehicle category
04 Standard
Loading height
1 100/1 220 mm
Container type
1x20', 2x20', 1x40', 1x40' HC
Number of fittings


The Gr.C-L4 model is a smart offer by Grunwald in the area of heavy container transportation. The development of Grunwald engineers brings new opportunities in using the full potential of transport vehicle.

The concept of Gr.C-L4 model is diversity of tasks solved. From delivery of heavy containers due to maximum legal carrying capacity. To intensive transshipment of all the marketable containers, including those with extended capacity, within terminals or at short routes due to high versatility and high operation readiness. Besides, the Gr.C-L4 model is easily adjustable in order to solve a narrow transportation task due to removable structural elements.

Design strengths

The semitrailer structure is technologically sophisticated and solves the basic task – it provides for ensuring maximum legal carrying capacity. High strength S700MC steel and other design solutions used in the frame allowed to achieve the minimum curb weight of 5,700 kg for an equipped semitrailer.The semitrailer is capable of transporting standard containers of size 1x20 Ft, 2x20 Ft, 1x40 Ft, 1x40 Ft HC. The layout is optimized to increase the legal useful load. Increase of the legal carrying capacity has created competitive advantage for the Grunwald’s customers when working with heavy-weight containers within the applicable weight limits.

The semitrailer axle system includes 4 SAF Intra Disk axles, two of which are equipped with a lifting mechanism. The first axle is controlled manually, with an option to use a separate toggle switch located in the truck cabin. The fourth axle lifting mechanism is controlled automatically depending on the current weight load.

Additional equipment

The semitrailer is equipped with a removable stainless steel basket for a spare wheel. The removable work platform in the rear part of the frame reduces the time required to unload a 20 Ft container. The lift truck can unload the container without shifting or removing it from the semitrailer.


The Gr.C-L4 model is based on a radically new frame structure. When developing the new frame, Grunwald engineers not only selected high-strength steel grades, but have reinvented the design structure of the frame key units. The differences are especially evident in the front gooseneck. The goal of these innovations – reducing overall weight while simultaneously increasing the general structural rigidity and strength.

Braking system and electrical equipment

Disk-type braking mechanism are a reasonable solution for intermodal and line transportation. The braking system is supplied by WABCO and comes complete with their Premium EBS modulator. Basic equipment of the semitrailer includes the Wabco Optilink monitoring system which allows control of the operating parameters and current axial load with the use of a smart phone. Brand new Ermax TM11 lighting fixtures with LED lamps and light cases made of shockproof polycarbonate.

At the request of the customer, the semitrailer delivery package may be upgraded to include the following additional options:

  • Rear adjustable swivel axle;

  • Drum brakes;

  • Special color design of the semitrailer. Painting in any RAL color


Grunwald’s semitrailers are certified in accordance with the latest certification rules published by the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosstandart) and conform to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).


The warranty period for the semitrailer structure shall be the lesser of 12 months from the time of initial registration or 24 months from the time of manufacture, as recorded in the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.

Applicable warranty and
servicing obligations shall be fulfilled by a specialized Grunwald service
center in Moscow (Sheremetyevo) or by any service station which is
a member of Grunwald’s authorized service network.

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