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New generation of tank container chassis

New solutions, same functionality! Grunwald presents its new vision of a special purpose tank container chassis semi-trailer. Light and durable design ensures great uptime even in the toughest conditions.

The semi-trailer boasts a new frame built entirely of high-tensile S700 steel. The revised frame design allows for reduced weight and increased payload. The minimum curb weight of the container chassis is 3400 kg and may vary depending on the configuration. The semi-trailer is equipped with a lightweight and durable Jost axle unit with disc brakes. The standard configuration includes equipment as per ADR protocol and allows for transportation of both 20ft tank containers and SWAP containers.

The frame design provides for two schemes of container displacement, as the twistlocks may be rearranged. The first scheme has the container shifted forward, towards the truck cab. This position is best suited for the transportation of heavy containers, as this configuration ensures better load distribution between the truck and the semi-trailer. In the second position the container is placed in the rear overhang of the semi-trailer, which makes it possible to unload the container with a forklift.

The semi-trailer is equipped with a new reinforced underride guard. As of September 1, 2021, new vehicles for the EU market are to be equipped with an underride protection guards conforming to the ECE-R58.03 standard.  The installation of a new underride guards ensures that all the criteria of this directive are met.

The rear work platform is made of composite metal decking and is designed to be compatible with forklift operation. The semi-trailer is fitted with special equipment – plastic tubes for storing drain hoses, drain tap and a stainless steel chute.

New solutions, same functionality!

The previous generation of Grunwald tank container chassis occupied the leading position on the Russian market. The company expects that the newer generation will enjoy even greater success among cargo carriers due to its improved features. As always, the goal of the company is to provide its customers with the most efficient transportation solutions.

The first semi-trailer in the series is to be shipped to Lithuania, where it will be used to transport liquid chemical cargo over long distances within the European Union.